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The University of the South Pacific

Status: Registered
HEI Type: University
Legal Entity Name: The University of the South Pacific
Business/Company Number: 631185779
Recognition Number: RCN 0050/10
Registration Number: RGN 0016/10
Registration Certificate Number: RG 0090
Start Date: 27/05/2021
End Date: 27/05/2026
Authorized Contact Person Name: Professor Pal Ahluwalia
Landline: 3232056
Head Office: Laucala Campus, Laucala Bay Road, Suva
  1. Laucala Campus, Laucala Bay Road, Suva.
  2. Lautoka Campus, Vidilo Street, Lautoka.
  3. Labasa Campus, Level 2/3 Charan Jeet Singh Building, Corner of Neasukula Road and Jaduram
    Street, Labasa.

(Outstanding compliance requirements placed on HEI's registration)

List of HEC Recorded Qualifications on Scope of Services

Note: If there are no Qualifications listed below, the HEI does not have an accredited or recorded Qualification on its scope of services.

Qualification ID Qualification Title
National Qualifications Nil
Provider Qualifications
CCC0107-35 Certificate in Commercial Cookery (Level 4)
DHRM0107-36 Diploma of Human Resources Management (Level 5)
BGS0107-37 Bachelor of Geospatial Science (Level 7)
CECEC0107-38 Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care
(Level 4)
CTAE0107-39 Certificate in Training, Assessment and Evaluation
(Level 4)
CCD0107-109 Certificate in Community Development (Level 3)
CSBDM0107-110 Certificate in Small Business Development &
Management (Level 3)
DBM0107-111 Diploma in Business Management (Professional) (Level
CECEC0107-118 Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care
(Level 3)
DECEC0107-119 Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care (Level
DC0107-120 Diploma of Counselling (Level 5)
BAGCE0107-123 Bachelor of Arts and Graduate Certificate in Education
(Level 7)
BAE0107-124 Bachelor of Arts in Education (Level 7)
BAH0107-125 Bachelor of Arts in History (Level 7)
BAJ0107-126 Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (Level 7)
BAL0107-127 Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics (Level 7)
BALI0107-128 Bachelor of Arts in Literature (Level 7)
BALL0107-129 Bachelor of Arts in Literature and Language (Level 7)
BAMM0107-130 Bachelor of Arts in Marine Management (Level 7)
BAPP0107-131 Bachelor of Arts in Pacific Policing (Level 7)
BAPSHA0107-132 Bachelor of Arts in Pacific Studies, Heritage and Arts
(Level 7)
BAP0107-133 Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Level 7)
BASW0107-134 Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (Level 7)
BAS0107-135 Bachelor of Arts in Sociology (Level 7)
BCGCE0107-136 Bachelor of Commerce and Graduate Certificate in
Education (Level 7)
BEECEC0107-137 Bachelor of Education (Level 7)
BEP0107-138 Bachelor of Education (Primary) (Level 7)
BES0107-139 Bachelor of Education (Secondary) (Level 7)
BCE0107-140 Bachelor of Engineering in Civil (Level 7)
BSGCE0107-141 Bachelor of Science and Graduate Certificate in
Education (Level 7)
BSB0107-142 Bachelor of Science in Biology (Level 7)
BSC0107-143 Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (Level 7)
BSMS0107-144 Bachelor of Science in Marine Science (Level 7)
BSP0107-145 Bachelor of Science in Physics (Level 7)
BALLB0107-156 Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws (Level 7)
BAEM0107-157 Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Management (Level 7)
BAG0107-158 Bachelor of Arts in Geography (Level 7)
BCBLW0107-159 Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws (Level 7)
BLW0107-160 Bachelor of Laws (Level 7)
BSESC0107-160 Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (Level 7)
BSG0107-162 Bachelor of Science in Geography (Level 7)
BAG0107-249 Bachelor of Agriculture (Level 7)
BAP0107-250 Bachelor of Arts in Politics (Level 7)
BCA0107-251 Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting (Level 7)
BCAEA0107-252 Bachelor of Commerce in Agriculture Economics and
Agribusiness (Level 7)
BCE0108-253 Bachelor of Commerce in Economics (Level 7)
BCF0108-254 Bachelor of Commerce in Finance (Level 7)
BCHM0107-255 Bachelor of Commerce in Hotel Management (Level 7)
BCHRMER0107-256 Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management
& Employment Relations (Level 7)
BCIBM0107-257 Bachelor of Commerce in International Business
Marketing (Level 7)
BCLM0107-258 Bachelor of Commerce in Land Management (Level 7)
BCMPA0107-259 Bachelor of Commerce in Management & Public
Administration (Level 7)
BCOS0107-260 Bachelor of Commerce in Official Statistics (Level 7)
BCPSD0107-261 Bachelor of Commerce in Population Studies &
Demography (Level 7)
BCPA0107-262 Bachelor of Commerce in Professional Accounting (Level
BCTH0107-263 Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism and Hospitality (Level
BCTM0107-264 Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism Management (Level 7)
DLIS0107-265 Diploma of Library and Information Services (Level 5)
CCO0107-332 Certificate in Counselling (Level 4)
BESIE0107-348 Bachelor of Education (Special & Inclusive
Education) (Level 7)
BSEE0107-349 Bachelor of Science (Electrical and Electronics)
(Level 7)
BSEN0107-350 Bachelor of Software Engineering (Level 7)
BEM0107-351 Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (Level 7)
BEEE0107-352 Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronics)
(Level 7)
BNS0107-353 Bachelor of Networks and Security (Level 7)
BAL0107-354 Bachelor of Arts (Law) (Level 7)
CCFAC0107-368 Certificate in Coastal Fisheries and Aquaculture
Compliance (Level 4)
BACS0107-369 Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science (Level 7)
BSCS0107-370 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (Level 7)
BSGS0107-371 Bachelor of Science in Geospatial Science (Level 7)
BAIS0107-372 Bachelor of Arts in Information Systems (Level 7)
BCIS0107-373 Bachelor of Commerce in Information Systems (Level 7)
BSIS0107-374 Bachelor of Science in Information Systems (Level 7)
BAM0107-375 Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics (Level 7)
BSM0107-376 Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (Level 7)
GDLD0107-377 Graduate Diploma in Legislative Drafting (Level 7)
*known in USP as the Professional Diploma in Legislative Drafting
CHM0107-378 Certificate in Heritage Management (Level 7)
*known in USP as the Professional Certificate in Heritage Management
BAPLS0107-417 Bachelor of Arts in Pacific Language Studies (Level 7)
BAPVLF0107-418 Bachelor of Arts in Pacific Vernacular Languages
(Fijian) (Level 7)
BAPVLH0107-419 Bachelor of Arts in Pacific Vernacular Languages
(Hindi) (Level 7)
BSMEP0107-420 Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Engineering and
Physics) (Level 7)
CCS0107-421 Certificate in Cyber Security (Level 7)
CP0107-422 Certificate in Policing (Level 7)
CSCW0107-423 Certificate in Social and Community Work (Level 7)
CVLT0107-424 Certificate in Vernacular Language (Tongan &
Niuafo’ou) (Level 7)
CVLV0107-425 Certificate in Vernacular Language (Vagahau Niue)
(Level 7)
CVLVL0107-426 Certificate in Vernacular Language (Level 7)
CJL0107-427 Certificate of Justice (Law) (Level 4)
DPM0107-428 Diploma in Police Management (Level 7)
DSCW0107-429 Diploma in Social and Community Work (Level 7)
DVLC0107-430 Diploma in Vernacular Language (Cook Islands Maori)
(Level 7)
DVLH0107-431 Diploma in Vernacular Language (Hindi) (Level 7)
DVLT0107-432 Diploma in Vernacular Language (Tongan &
Niuafo’ou) (Level 7)
DVLV0107-433 Diploma in Vernacular Language (Vagahau Niue) (Level
DPL0107-434 Diploma in Prosecutions (Law) (Level 7)
DJ0107-451 Diploma of Justice (Level 7)
BACM0107 – 491 Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media (Level 7)
DPJ0107 – 492 Diploma in Pacific Journalism (Level 7)
CVLCLM0107 – 493 Certificate in Vernacular Language (Cook Islands
Māori) (Level 7)
DPM0107 – 494 Diploma in Project Management (Level 5)

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