National Information Centre

Fiji LDS Church College

Status: Registered
HEI Type: Vocational
Legal Entity Name: Fiji LDS Church College
Business/Company Number: 145
Recognition Number: RCN 0110/17
Registration Number: RGN 0062/18
Registration Certificate Number: RG 0065
Start Date: 01/10/2018
End Date: 01/10/2023
Authorized Contact Person Name: Cheryl Bhan
Mobile: 9995392
Landline: 3321888
Head Office: Princess Road, Tamavua
Website: N/A

(Outstanding compliance requirements placed on HEI's registration)

List of HEC Accredited Qualifications on Scope of Services

Note: If there are no Qualifications listed below, the HEI does not have an accredited or recorded Qualification on its scope of services.

Qualification Code Qualification Title
National Qualifications
NCCP3v2 National Certificate in Carpentry (Level 3)
NCCO3v2 National Certificate in Cookery (Level 3)
NCAG2 National Certificate in Agriculture (Level 2)

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